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Answering machine change the difficulty to the clerk

With the development of science and technology, social progress, we often encounter all kinds of problems in their daily lives and led flag answering machine offers a lot of convenience to people, ordinary phone adds a range of features suitable for all walks of life, and help you better address these challenges.

Answering machine can timeout the long recording, and has the automatic answering function, even if the unattended by the phone, answering machine also automatically clear record of phone records, no loss of customer information and resources. These features bring Gospel to operator with heavy traffic, they do not have to keep the phone all day long, saves manpower and time and led flag telephone call record-keeping, lost customer resources and information, you can call the playback, so as not to lose important customer information. In addition, if you want to check the employee's work or the investigation flying single reason, just press the call recording for playback.