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Function of high-end recording features

1, professional answering machine mould, large screen LCD displays, high-end hi-fi triple-core processor, added new text input operating systems, detailed records of customer information, u-unlimited expansion, and run on its own network interface, simple operation and to understand at a glance. More features please refer to the relevant Web sites, and technical notes.
2, 10-2000 chips digital recording and managing up to 240,000 voice files. Professional recording with unlimited expansion and various interface (the latest phone with USB unlimited expansion interface, unlimited recording time)
3 Super clear audio sound quality level to record music that we can.
4, news of high quality high fidelity recording is optional.
5, three modes of recording, recording two startup modes, voice storage in three ways.
6, intelligent voice cover feature, request covers as much space as covering how much space, maximize the save speech data.

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