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Answering Machine-the Playback Features
Jun 24, 2016

In the process of recording is played, the user can at any time press the key to adjust the volume. Its own patented technology, play, can be adjusted 20%-100% slow speed, no details of his voice can be heard clearly.

In addition to article-by-article automatically shown, users can press the jump over the record and playback the next or previous recordings. Can also be used in a single voice fast forward rewind function, more convenient for you to listen to a important speech content.

Online playback. Very useful features when communicating with others. Sometimes very important recording content needs to listen to colleagues or others, you can talk on the phone at the same time press the "play" button, the relevant recording can be heard on both sides of the phone.

User password control function, when the password is blank or 0000 when any user can play native tape; when a user sets their user password, if you've entered correct password before you can listen to the recording, prevent illegal users.