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CDMA Fixed Wireless Phone Approach
Oct 24, 2017

CDMA Fixed Wireless Phone Approach

CDMA fixed wireless telephone has the correct handling of noise

CDMA fixed wireless phone noise is a very common problem, if not the right to judge the problem will delay a lot of time and effort, the phone appears on the murmur of the three, 1 is the phone microphone is broken, 2 is the phone microphone Line of the problem, 3 of the telephone system problems. CDMA fixed wireless telephone noise handling approach:

Telephone microphone bad approach, the microphone is generally broken can not repair, can only replace the new microphone, replace the microphone is relatively cheap is generally about 30-60 yuan, when we are sure that the microphone problem, we can only replace.

Telephone microphone line problem handling, in determining the problem, we should try to turn the microphone line, and sometimes the microphone line will be bad contact with the situation, the microphone line U-turn is not OK, we can replace a try, If you need to buy a new microphone line is generally a 2-5 yuan.

Telephone system problem handling, telephone system problem This is what we can not solve, only to the operator reported failure, called the operator technician processing, system noise problem processing is also very simple, the technician only need to troubleshoot can be effective To solve, usually in 2 working days can be used normally. CDMA fixed wireless phone noise handling methods 3, if it is our company for the phone can call customer service assistance to determine the problem, you can express to the company called the maintenance staff directly handle. Wireless phone can not charge, on this issue, first need to determine where there is a fault, in general, there are three phone problems, battery problems and charger problems.

Problem check:

1. First of all, we replace the charger to test whether the phone is a charger problem, followed by the battery to determine whether the battery problem, and finally if you can not charge the phone itself is the problem.

Type of problem:

1. phone problem: If the phone problem we need to send to the maintenance site to repair, the phone can not charge the power is too much trouble, like mobile CDMA fixed wireless telephone are free warranty, we only need to express to the service company can , Maintenance time is generally 1 day can be repaired,

2. Battery problem: If the battery is also very easy, the battery is not repaired, then we only need to replace a battery on it.

3. Charger problem: charger repair there is a certain risk, if you do not understand the electrical equipment, please do not own repair, if the replacement of a charger as long as a dozen dollars, all unnecessary maintenance. You can go to the service company to buy or own to the electrical city to buy.