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Digital Telephone Exchanges Brought About By The Integration Of The Group's New Value
Jun 24, 2016

(1) call recording:
TDMx-2000EX, EX-1 series with 16-way call recording function, without other equipment, simply recording software installed on any computer in the LAN, all calls into play will be billed for the entire recording. Recording can be backed up and can be forwarded, copied. For corporate offices, sales, customer service and other call recording.

Recording software installed, included computer boot after boot start by itself, without manual opening.

After docking with the great software can better handle customer complaints, and whether employees receive standard attitude towards customers how to conduct spot checks of evaluation.

(2) call to play screen:
After login the client software, incoming call popup display, to display the caller's number, the caller's name,
Chinese information such as unit (requires prior online phone book after adding the call to save)