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Fixed Wireless Phone Cleaning Method
Sep 08, 2017

Fixed Wireless Phone Cleaning method

How does fixed wireless telephone work?

Many people use a fixed wireless phone after a break, there is no clear voice, noise, good times and bad phenomenon, fixed wireless phone microphone after a period of time, due to a large number of contacts with the public population, unclean microphone carrying a large number of Mycobacterium tuberculosis , Influenza virus and pneumococcus, etc., easily infected with hepatitis B virus and other infectious diseases, endangering your health. How to maintain fixed wireless phones and reduce the incidence of disease?

1: fixed wireless phone should be kept clean, if dust, you can use clean ethanol cotton dry rub, so that both removed the phone on the stain, but also played a role in disinfection. Avoid using scrubbing of chemicals such as decontamination powder, soap powder, petrol, kerosene, banana water, etc., and do not scrub with hot water or chemical cloth.

2: call, do not hand to reverse the rope to extend the life of the rope.

3: button-type fixed wireless phone with a dry battery or a small button battery, pay attention to timely replacement, to prevent leakage of chemical liquid within the battery parts.

4: Do not open the body or hand contact the phone inside. If the user to open a fixed wireless phone, although in the warranty period, but also to take repair costs.

5: Do not arbitrarily change the switch position, if the user found no issue, please note that the fixed wireless phone on the valley / peak switch is correct. If the bell does not ring or ring light phenomenon, pay attention to whether the ringing switch in place. The phone ringing sound is on (ON) for the normal use of the state, off (off) is the person who leaves or does not want the phone to ring. But do not forget to recover. High (high) ring loudness loud, low (low) ringtones loud. If the other side of the sound is light, you can dial the volume switch to the "high" position, or adjust the volume potentiometer to the appropriate location.

6: fixed wireless phone in the course of the failure, should promptly notify the Municipal Bureau of obstacles (112) to help test the inspection, do not repair their own fixed wireless phone, so as not to damage the fixed radio phone, lines, resulting in unnecessary economic losses The Fixed wireless telephone cleaning method

Fixed wireless phone use after a period of time is also need to clean Oh, the following give you talk about the method:

1, with a medical phone membrane for disinfection. These sterilization film has a very good bactericidal effect, the use is also very convenient, directly attached to the fixed wireless telephone transmitter on the surface can be, and can generally use a month or so.

2, with some dry soft gauze dipped in a telephone cleaner to wipe the microphone, but do not use a damp cloth, do not use water to clean fixed wireless phone.

3, you can use the content of 0.2% peracetic acid instead of cleaning disinfectant to wipe the phone. But be sure to note: acetic acid will corrupt clothing, metal and skin, be careful when using.