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Fixed Wireless Phone No Installation Fee
Oct 12, 2017

Fixed Wireless Phone No installation fee

Now there are three kinds of fixed-line voice access services on the market, namely the traditional wired fixed telephone landline, CRC wireless landline and Internet phone, then the following will be several access services to compare.

First, the traditional cable fixed telephone landline features:

1, the use of fixed telephone lines, voice quality and stability of the service to ensure that enterprise-class applications, the laying of a line without the need for professional maintenance;

2,8 digits fixed number can give the outside world a sense of trust;

3, the communication costs are the highest, a business seat is a monthly rent will be 25-30 yuan;

4, call the local mobile phone and long distance calls even if the use of preferential packages than the other two means of communication by more than 60%.

Second, the wireless fixed-line and traditional cable machine features comparison:

1, wireless fixed: 0 month rent, no installation costs, low tariffs, no wiring, no application, that is safe, 5 minutes can be installed to complete the removal can be directly, high flexibility.

2, cable fixed: a monthly rent, there are installation costs, high tariffs, the need for cable access, need to register the identity card and address, advance in advance, installation needs 3 days to 1 week range, migration is not convenient.

Third, the wireless fixed (wireless landline) Features:

1, the use of China Mobile's GSM mobile phone network, China Mobile's wireless network is the best domestic beer network, voice quality and service stability is trustworthy, able to protect enterprise-class applications, without professional maintenance;

2, Railcom provides 8-digit fixed number, long-term stable use, fixed number can give the outside world a sense of trust.

3, wireless fixed-line can provide high-quality services;

4, the communication cost is much lower, the communication fee is even cheaper than the Internet phone, the domestic long distance is the strength of this product, only 8 cents per minute, with the traditional landlord of the city calls almost the same.

5, features: free support for caller ID, call transfer, corporate ring tones, send and receive text messages.

Fourth, the Internet phone features:

1, based on the Internet voice access, voice quality and service stability by a variety of factors, such as network bandwidth, LAN bandwidth squeeze, viruses and so on;

2, the Internet phone by too many uncertain factors, and the need for professionals to maintain the communication network, so that the Internet phone is not satisfied with the stability of the enterprise service requirements.

3, while the Internet phone can not provide a fixed number of dial-in, which will reduce the trust of the outside world.