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Fixed Wireless Phone Wireless Fixed Line Business
Jun 23, 2017

Fixed Wireless Phone Wireless fixed line business

Feature editing

① easy to move office

At present, mobile office is a trend in the enterprise, the wireless fixed-line business can provide reliable technical assurance for mobile office. At that time the office of the phone not only to provide voice services, combined with mobile intelligent network platform, you can achieve office phone and mobile phone dual-machine ringing and other new business and other value-added services, to provide users with convenience, To seize the fixed network market to provide a strong end product support.

② signal is good, call quality is guaranteed

Wireless fixed-line is the three major operators in the traditional fixed-line demand shrinking the case of the introduction of new products, whether it is the beginning of the area code of the traditional fixed-line number or 11-digit mobile phone number in the signal are guaranteed, China Mobile's wireless Fixed-line dual-mode TD-SCDMA / GSM, China Railcom wireless fixed-line using China Mobile's GMS network, China Unicom using GSM network, China Telecom using CDMA network. Whether GMS or CDMA network in China is already very mature wireless communication network, in the signal coverage has been able to meet people's needs. While the wireless digital network call quality is superior to the traditional telephone line call quality.

③ effective replenishment of the fixed telephone

Although China's fixed communications has gone through a long course of development, but because of our vast territory, complex terrain, in some remote mountainous areas and villages still have a lot of service dead ends. The construction of wired communication network is the need to invest huge construction costs and maintenance costs, and the advantage of mobile communication is to cover the distance through the radio waves, thus saving construction costs and maintenance costs. Has completed some of the lines can not set up lines or hard lines to reach the area of communication security for the development of these areas to contribute, and can get some economic benefits.

④ application in a specific area

In some tourist attractions, scenic spots and cultural relics and memorials, the use of telephone lines on the original environment and style will cause damage, and the use of wireless fixed terminal can be a good protection of the environment, retaining the original architectural style and Has a specific historical period features, so in these specific areas, the wireless terminal has a great market value and social benefits.

Use edits

★ wireless fixed-line use of rechargeable lithium-ion battery. The new battery must be fully charged before the first use. After several full charge, discharge, the battery's performance can be fully played.

★ to ensure that the battery to maintain the best condition, the battery every month to fully charge, discharge time, the way is to use the phone to run out of power and automatically shut down.

★ In order to extend the battery life, the phone is fully charged after the charger unplug the plug.

★ need to use the phone for a long time, it is best to remove the battery or disconnect the battery and telephone to prevent excessive battery discharge "hungry" dead, resulting in re-use can not be charged.

★ wireless fixed-line battery use time

Battery in the charging process, there is a slight fever is a normal phenomenon, the opportunity will rise in the battery temperature will automatically protect to control the temperature changes, the battery specifications: 3.7V / 780mAh, standby time: 60-120 hours. Continuous talk time is 5 hours.