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Four Of The Selected Radio Guide
Jun 24, 2016

Sales phone currently on the market a wide range of varied and interesting style, a toy telephone, antique telephone, there are a number of telephones. Function pulse, such as audio, audio, pulse, there is now widespread use of cordless telephones, machine tools, etc. So how do you pick a Ministry of both you and your favorite phone, now I tell everyone about it should be noted that some.
1, confirm network logo
Telephone network signs are posted that match the criteria, in particular, to pay attention to when buying a cordless telephone, make sure that the power and frequency standards. Some people consider that things would be nice, but it's not, both appearance and functions for telephone, we had their own products has been very good, imported product formats and some are not in line with the national standard, advise your purchase be sure to ask about.
2, Visual inspection
Select what color, what the shape of the phone, this is your preference may be. Main telephone shell is free from cracks, scratches, seams is uniform, color uniformity, press the sensitivity and feel comfortable.
3, call to check
If there are conditions before purchasing must try the call quality, but now the cordless telephone is basically seventh rechargeable battery, was unable to test, just charge and try again, it's all good, phone the warranty period is one year, have questions contact the manufacturers after sale.
4, functional acknowledgement
After buying the telephone must carefully read the instructions, some phones feature a lot, but is not practical for us, to open function to suit your needs. Grade of phones on the market, we also wanted to pick the best quality assurance.