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GSM Fixed Wireless Phone Development Ideas
Sep 08, 2017

GSM Fixed Wireless Phone Development ideas

2016 GSM fixed wireless phone development ideas, and the recent development of GSM fixed wireless phone, user base, account opening process, agent mode, such as a comprehensive training, today to introduce new ideas for GSM fixed wireless phone:

First, to improve the timeliness of GSM fixed wireless telephone service.

Second, we must ensure that the real name system to open an account.

Third, play the field of mobile social agency publicity. The convening of the meeting to ensure that 2016 Yan'an branch GSM fixed wireless telephone development, struggling to create a new situation of the development of GSM fixed wireless telephone opened up a new way.

Telephone is one of the most important communication tools of daily life. As the most common communication tool, the purchase problem often attracts the attention of consumers. A wide range of telephones, features more numerous, but to buy the most desirable for their own use of the phone there are a lot of knowledge, the following we use the phone from the occasion, the two aspects of the function to explain how to choose the phone:

First, use the local exchange system compatible with the phone

1, if the local program-controlled telephone, the user should use dual-tone button telephone, user-friendly program to facilitate the use of new features.

2, if the local telephone office is electromechanical switch, the user can choose dial-dial telephone or pulse-type telephone.

3, if the local program-controlled telephone, but also organic electrification switch, the user can use dual-tone and dual-dial dual-dial function of the phone. (This phone has a "P / T" switch, set to "P" side, suitable for electromechanical telephone office, dial to "T" side, you can use dual tone dial mode).

Second, the choice of multi-function telephone

1, free speaker function for the hope that the handset will not be able to call the need (according to the hands-free key SPEAK ER), but also more than one person to answer.

2, the liquid crystal display function is suitable for regular use of long-distance direct dial telephone users, because the long-distance dialing a number of dial more, easy to dial the wrong, there are LCD display can avoid dialing the wrong number, to master the talk time is also good.

3, recording response function for busy, often out of the user to use.

4, telephone number storage function can save dial and check the time. There are other security features (PRIVACY) and automatic redial function (REDI AL) and so on.