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GSM Fixed Wireless Phone Market Analysis
Aug 16, 2017

GSM Fixed Wireless Phone Market analysis

Has recently come to realize the importance of improving corporate earnings through Internet marketing. So, from four years ago to do a Baidu promotion of the company did not, and now 12-16 Fengnao seats are basically filled every day the level of the industry has indeed reached the point of the outbreak.

  Baidu to do for the peer to do more, then we are more favorable or more unfavorable? The I believe that many peers will be the first time to respond: of course, is more unfavorable.

        For what? Because the competition is big, consumers have more choices, and some peers would have to reduce the price of sales, and had to sell some of the poor quality of the product.

       If you as a peer to see the author wrote this article, the wireless fixed-line industry I will not say. But on the wireless fixed-line counterparts, the author here call us no longer than the price of the!

        In this way, how can the economic interests of enterprises need to put? Moderate price reduction is to ensure product quality, perfect after-sales service, but like you than the price to sell refurbished landline, aftermarket can not find you, but find our company door, there are wood? The

       Our products are not expensive, the most expensive a few hundred dollars there is a set, but you know that sometimes a few hundred dollars for the working class, is the rent of a month? You know that some customers finally do a good job in the family every month after the necessary expenses to spare hundreds of pieces is used to buy you this time will be broken, call quality useless a few days getting worse, or even Are there any potential for the explosion of the defective refurbished machines that have not been sold for quality?

     Wireless fixed-line agents, please do not you as inexpensive price competition, the real correct understanding of the price should be relative to the quality of the product price is appropriate, rather than the capital, with low-quality wireless fixed-line instead of the original factory wireless Seat machine, to the old sales of new sales out! To deceive consumers, ignoring the personal safety of consumers sales path will only lead to the development of this industry is not healthy!

       So, back to the above question, are we worried about the fierce competition? We do not worry! Because the industry will soon reshuffle, the consumer's eyes are bright, to 忽悠 consumers, to deceive consumers to make money for the individual business and two agents, will be self-destruction. We are happy to see the industry competition, because we always maintain the correct attitude to run the company.