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LTE Fixed Wireless Phone Receive Signal
Oct 24, 2017

LTE Fixed Wireless Phone receive signal

Wireless landline signal and the phone signal is the same, if the phone signal is no problem, the wireless landline can be used, wireless landline signal comparison phone to receive some of the signal stronger, the signal is slightly weaker can also achieve a normal call. Test the wireless landline signal can dial the newspaper installed, the salesman door test signal, no problem and then install.

Wireless signal basic knowledge:

The basic operation of the wireless terrestrial signal: addition, multiplication, translation, inverse fold, scale transformation, differentiation, integral, etc .; Decomposition form of telecommunication wireless landline signal: DC / AC decomposition, parity decomposition, pulse (impulse) decomposition To break down.

If there is no signal where the wireless landline signal can be used?

The wireless landline signal is basically the same as the handset signal, and the wireless landline signal depends on the nearby base station, depending on the signal reception of the wireless landline. If it is not a little signal to take place to estimate the wireless landline signal is also better. Often can increase the indoor antenna to enhance the telecommunications wireless landline signal.

But because the wireless landline process (wireless landline signal only serves voice communication) determines its signal reception is better than the average mobile phone signal, especially better than many smart phones. In the case of

Can I install a wireless landline phone?

Wireless fixed telephone signal compared to the phone is better, you can let the dealer first take the wireless fixed-line in the past to give you the test, if the signal is good you can also be installed.

If your phone number is the card, you can let the service provider to the wireless fixed-line also brought in the past, because in many places, because China Unicom's base stations are some complementary, a carrier signal is not good, may other operators The signal is better, so you can guarantee that you can use the wireless fixed line.

Is there a way to reinforce the signal?

No room no signal, the outside signal is no problem, but also can be installed by adding signal enhancer to enhance the signal, the installation of a signal booster price is generally about 200-500 yuan, the installation is also very simple, the signal enhancer to receive the signal Antenna placed in a signal place, put the signal installed in the room, you can achieve signal enhancement, such as: subway stations, shopping malls, and other places are this way to strengthen the signal.

1, no wiring: fixed-seat machine's initial installation, wiring and transfer machine number and other issues can be said that fixed-line users common trouble. Fixed its "wireless" features, just to solve the above trouble.

2, no initial installation fee: the user after the package, free installation.

3, no monthly: choose any kind of package, there is no monthly rent.

4, the signal is very strong: in a lot of signal dead ends, the phone no signal, Tietong wireless fixed signal (because it has a small antenna).

5, low cost: compared with the ordinary plane, the cost can save half.

6, full-featured: support caller ID, call transfer, corporate ring tones, send and receive text messages.