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New Member Joining Trend Network IP Phone Family GXP1630 Gigabit Phone
Jun 24, 2016

Flow network is a global brand manufacturer, was selected by the world's big four accounting firms Deloitte North American technology top 500 for ten consecutive years won the overseas product innovation award and product of the year award, for many years as the best IP phone China awards. Set up sales channels in more than 170 countries and regions, and five States set up technical support centers, service area covers the major time zones around the world, languages include Chinese, English, French, Spain language. Unified communications platform for providers and partners provide a complete voice phones, video phones, gateways, SIP IPC more than 70 kinds of SIP Terminal, HD video conferencing systems and Conference phones, providing rich innovative SIP communication services and value-added interface (App/SDK/Web/HTTP), options for partners to create a one-stop product deals to help users establish a uniform brand and product application mode. Global services and value-added partners with channel success millions of end users, including global carriers hundreds of thousands of sets of terminals as well as the United States Republican Party and United States Democratic Party deployed tens of thousands of SIP phones and gateways and other large successful cases.