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Payphone Public Telephone Etiquette
Jul 05, 2017

Payphone Public telephone etiquette

Playing a public telephone etiquette ■ playing a public telephone to speed battle is now playing less and less public phone calls, there are three main types of public telephone calls: one is no mobile phone, there is a forgot to bring a cell phone, or The phone is just no electricity. In modern society, public telephony has actually become a supplement to mobile phones, more is the emergency use. So the basic public phone calls are urgent, the caller can not use public telephone chat, or nothing to say things for several minutes, avoid endless, to quick fix. ■ private words, government affairs, business topics are not suitable for public telephone calls lovers try not to use public telephone to chat, those too private words can be said to meet, or exchange of ways, such as e-mail, or in public places That some indecent, to some extent is contrary to virtue. If the contents of the government departments involved in the business, or commercial business secrets, but also try not to say in the public telephone to prevent leakage. ■ care of public facilities is the responsibility of everyone to play when the public phone to lightly, can not be a mess, chaos poke. If you encounter unattended public telephone failure, you can think of ways to notify the relevant departments to solve, and not their own free repair, so as not to damage. If you find someone malicious destruction of public telephone, you can immediately report, must not sit idly by. ■ through technology and other means to prevent malicious calls or malicious theft Some people are boring, take the public phone again and again call 110,120,119 and other emergency calls, call the phone. This is a serious act of injustice, which not only interferes with the work of the relevant departments, but also to those who really need to call the phone caused by trouble. Another kind of malicious behavior is to crack the public phone password to steal the phone. Ben had some people have used high-tech means to make the telephone billing system failure, so free calls long distance calls. These acts have not only lost their morality, but become a crime. The relevant state departments can be a variety of means to prevent malicious calls or theft. ■ playing public telephone attention tone, attitude since it is a public telephone, it must be in public places. Calling in public places will take into account the feelings of others. No one else to speak loudly, to other people is a noise and interference to the normal tone of voice, the volume can talk with each other. Of course, if the total clutching his mouth, the sound is low, a fear of people eavesdropping look will make people around feel unhappy.

Public telephone points are managed and unattended. Some people can manage the public telephone can use ordinary telephone, by the management staff to the caller to charge the cost of calls. Unattended public telephones use a telephone with automatic charging performance to automatically charge the cost of each call. Automatic charges public telephones have time-based billing, but also by time billing.

Automatic charge of public telephones more than one. There are coin-operated public telephones suitable for use in both the city, the long distance and the international telephone. After the caller has invested in a number of coins, the number of the vouchers will be displayed on the machine. After the call, the call will be charged and the balance will be refunded The speaker. There is also an automatic toll-free telephone that uses the card to store the prepayment information. The caller can purchase a record card in advance with a specific vending machine. When using a public telephone, the card is inserted into the toll booth of the telephone. The deposit number is displayed on the machine. After the call, automatically deduct the call costs and the balance will be displayed and recorded on the card. The card is returned to the speaker for continued use.