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Payphone Public Telephone Form
Jun 23, 2017

Payphone Public telephone form

Public telephone development history editor

At the initial stage, China's public telephone form is divided into two kinds of people and coin-operated telephones. Early coin-operated public telephone structure is simple, technical and technological level are poor, coin identification technology is very shallow, each coin phone is a separate work, do not have network management and control capabilities. As can only use a small denomination of coins, nor a large amount of currency processing capacity, therefore, can only be used for local business, can not make long distance calls. As for the public telephony service point, because of the lack of appropriate supervision and management measures, often due to quality of service and billing problems by consumers, and often received complaints, with the increase in public telephone business, the problem More and more.

Since then, the magnetic card phone began to gradually popular. A magnetic card telephone is a public telephone that uses a magnetic card to control calls and pay. A magnetic card is a magnetic card that replaces cash for telephone charges and can be purchased in advance at the post office or agency. Insert the magnetic card into the magnetic phone can call, the phone at any time to show the remaining cost of the magnetic card, which is characterized by convenient, fast, fair and accurate.

With the development of technology, more advanced card public pay phone instead of magnetic card phone gradually occupied the dominant position. It uses off-line work, card authentication and rate determination are done on the terminal. In the early stage of the development of the public speech, the off-line public words played a great role in promoting the smooth start of the public interest in our country. But with the community on the characteristics of the card to understand and understand the phone, some people began to use this off-line card public telephone easy to steal the defects, continue to use a variety of theft tools and illegal manufacturing to sell simulation cards, The Which makes the telecom operators suffered huge economic losses, but also to the healthy development of public health is severely challenged.

Breaking the traditional public business restrictions, the development of new public business has become the common voice of all public telephone operators, but also to the original public business has made two major improvements require a business platform intelligent. In order to timely launch the corresponding new business according to the market demand, the traditional way of realizing the new business obviously can not meet the new business quantity and the development time is short. Therefore, the public business must be realized on the intelligent platform to meet the endless market demand The Second, value-added business diversification. The demand for value-added services is becoming more and more personalized, and the introduction of new value-added services has become an important means to improve the value of ARPU, so as to meet the customer's personalized service needs as much as possible when realizing new value-added services.