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Payphone The Type Of Telephone
May 18, 2017

 Payphone Public telephone is the telephone business department installed in public places for public use of the toll phone, sometimes in the street can be seen everywhere in the telephone booth is for people to call the place.

  Payphone A public telephone is a telephone facility that is licensed by a telecommunications company and is provided by a telecommunications company in a street, public place, residential area, along the township and highway, and is convenient for the user to use and prescribe the communication fee. Since the beginning of the century, China's public telephone industry has developed rapidly, all kinds of public telephones have been all over the country's major cities of the airport, stations, docks, hotels, restaurants, commercial centers, institutions and other public places and major bustling streets, greatly To facilitate the use of the user to improve the efficiency of people's work for the socio-economic development has made tremendous contributions.

  Payphone Public telephone points are managed and unmanaged. Some people can manage the public telephone can use ordinary telephone, by the management staff to the caller to charge the cost of calls. Unattended public telephones use a telephone with automatic charging performance to automatically charge the cost of each call. Automatic charge of public telephones have time-based billing, but also by time billing.

Payphone Automatic charge of public telephones more than one. There are coin-operated public telephones that are suitable for both domestic and long-distance and international calls. After the caller puts a number of coins first, the number of money is displayed on the machine. After the call, the call will be charged and the balance will be refunded The speaker. There is also an automatic toll-free telephone that uses the card to store the prepayment information. The caller can purchase the record card in advance to the specific vending machine. When using the public telephone, insert the card into the charging slot of the telephone, and the deposit number is displayed on the machine. After the call is completed, the current call will be automatically deducted and the balance will be displayed and recorded on the card. The card is returned to the speaker for continued use.