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Record Phone According To The User Button
Sep 01, 2017

Record Phone According to the user button

Digital recording, recording the volume can AGC automatic gain control, to ensure that the volume balance of both sides of the call. Recording files using digital storage technology, the choice of chips as a storage medium, you can permanently save, power loss is not lost.

      To provide mandatory recording, manual recording, live recording three recording methods; the former completely automatic call for all mandatory recording, manual recording according to the user button to record the specified call content, live recording can record the scene and the surrounding environment to adapt to a variety of applications The demand.

       Users can see from the LCD screen has recorded the number of calls, the number of accurate display storage space capacity and usage, the total memory capacity of 0000 hours 00 minutes, has been used 0000 hours 00 minutes, fully grasp the recording time.

      Digital recording telephone comes with high-speed USB interface, you can copy the contents of the file to the computer copy to save.

High-end voice recording of the specific features of the introduction (a)

1, professional recording phone mold, large screen full Chinese LCD screen, high-end high-fidelity triple-core processor, add a new text input operating system, customer information detailed records, with U disk unlimited expansion, and independent operation of the network interface, , A look to understand. For more information, please refer to the relevant website, and technical instructions.

2,10-2000 hours chip digital recording, management up to 240,000 voice files. With unlimited expansion and a variety of professional interface recording phone (the latest U disk unlimited expansion of the interface of the phone, recording time unlimited)

3, ultra-clear recording sound quality, can be recorded music level.

4, news special high-quality high-fidelity recording optional.

5, three recording methods, two recording start mode, three voice storage.

6, intelligent voice coverage function, how much space to cover how much space, voice data to maximize the preservation.

7, single, multiple and all three delete methods, delete useless voice, the timely release of storage space.

8, voice and password management password password protection.

9, the new voice, the use of voice inquiries, according to the serial number, according to the time and by phone number intelligent matching query.

10, powerful playback, support fast check, fast forward, rewind, pause, volume adjustment and other playback operations.

11, own patented technology, play, you can 20% -100% slow to adjust the speed, any voice details are heard clearly.

12, online playback function, the call, you can play the previously recorded voice, the two sides can share the voice message.

13, headphone output interface, can be an external headset and audio, voice can listen to or enlarge a total of more than share.

14, can support the recording of three external message prompts, different times can play a different answer message prompt.

15, full-speed USB interface, voice data can be uploaded to the computer to save and manage.