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Record Phone The Specific Characteristics
May 18, 2017

  Record Phone A recording telephone is a technique or method for converting a voice communication signal on a telephone line and converting the signal (analog or digital) into a medium that can be saved and played back.

 Record Phone Digital recording, recording the volume can AGC automatic gain control, to ensure that the volume balance of both sides of the call.

Recording files using digital storage technology, the use of chips as a storage medium, you can permanently save, power loss is not lost.

To provide forced recording, manual recording, live recording three recording methods; the former completely automatic call for all mandatory recording, manual recording according to the user button to record the specified call content, live recording can record the scene and the surrounding environment to adapt to a variety of applications The demand.

Record Phone Users can see from the LCD screen has recorded the number of calls, the number of accurate display storage space capacity and usage, the total memory capacity 0000 hours 00 minutes, has been used 0000 hours 00 minutes, fully grasp the recording time limit.

Digital recording telephone comes with high-speed USB interface, you can copy the contents of the file to the computer copy to save.

Automatically post comments feature

Record Phone Answer message added to three, with automatic answer message function and local message function, the equivalent of a telephone answering machine;

The user can freely set the number of rings before the automatic answer, when the phone calls ringing more than the set number of times and the user did not pick up the case (usually the owner out).

The user can record the voice content (master message) of the auto answer and can be changed at any time.

Users can also use the local message function, for the other users of the phone to leave a real voice prompts. This function can also be used as a live recording.