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Record Phone Voice Communication Market
Oct 12, 2017

Record Phone Voice communication market

With the development of mobile communications and fixed voice communications market, recording telephone technology ushered in the third generation of smart phone recording technology era. So far, in line with the development of voice communications market, recording telephone technology has experienced three innovations. The first generation of analog technology using the recording phone, the second generation of digital recording telephone technology and the third generation of smart phone recording technology.

The first generation: recordings using analog technology. The most representative product is the tape recording phone,

Advantages: It is characterized by a tape to save the recording data, cheap, to achieve a number of important data records and preservation. In the beginning of the recording phone even before the eighties of the 20th century is basically able to meet people's information storage and query.

Disadvantages: poor sound quality, tape susceptible to moisture, is not conducive to long-term preservation of information, can not accurately locate the phone recording data, can only play the tape recording order.

The second generation: the use of digital technology recording telephone. Digital recording phone is a major breakthrough in the quality of the development of the recording telephone industry.

Advantages: less distortion, record fast, wide application, strong function, the choice of FLASH chip as a storage medium, you can permanently save, even if the phone suddenly power can also ensure the integrity of the recording data.

Disadvantages: the need for manual data backup and storage, data storage is not accurate enough, it is difficult to achieve cross-regional data backup and information query!

The third generation: intelligent recording telephone technology. Smart recording of the advent of the phone, in the voice

 The communications market has attracted wide attention. Smart recording phone not only telephone recording files clear sound quality, easy query, and support cross-regional, network upload audio files, and more secure control of the right. For people to provide more humane support. In order to ensure the security of the call, the intelligent recording telephone system unique call encryption function can ensure that the call content is not disclosed. Whether it is a two-party call or a multi-party conference call, the above features of the smartphone recording system can create a closed, confidential call space, as the call side in a confidential room to talk face to face in general, absolutely no need to worry about the conversation was outsiders learned The Its technology to obtain a number of international and domestic awards, but also become institutions, celebrities to protect the security of voice communications the ideal choice. The traditional recording in court as evidence, its integrity and authenticity are often questioned; and notary cloud platform "recording security treasure" recording file synchronization encryption stored in a third-party electronic data forensic platform, certified by the agency The effectiveness of the evidence is much higher than the ordinary recording software to record their own files. [2] and "security quotations" through technical and procedural safeguards so that users simply can not control and tamper with the recording content. The background directly with the notary office docking, notary office according to law, convenient recording issued by the certificate, so that the recording more legal effect.

Recording pen and tape easy to lose; and "security quotations" recording content is stored in the clouds, do not need to carry, nor will be lost, not geographical restrictions, as long as the Internet can listen to, download and proof applications, Very convenient.

As a million real users with the "recording certificate treasure", can provide "certificate + identification / notary" one-stop service.

Through the "recording certificate" access to the recording will be encrypted encrypted upload to the notary cloud server, no one can tamper with, to ensure the original evidence, integrity. Platform recording files can also apply for accreditation agencies online, notary office and other authoritative bodies issued a certificate or certificate.