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User Communication Habits Change So That Internet Telephony To Front Desk
Jun 24, 2016

As capable of supporting low-cost or even free Internet communications, mobile phone users on the letter and rely more and more on Internet telephony and other emerging Internet communication, which makes mobile phone users are inherent in the original communication thinking and quietly calling habits change. According to the latest industry statistics, Ariton VoIP is for domestic calls cheaper and free phone APP free call duration up all year round, not only at very low rates direct dial more than 200 national and international long distance calls, and Ariton VoIP calling all long or short the lowest telephone rates is only 0.05 Yuan per minute!
As at this stage domestic user scale maximum of VOIP network phone line mainstream brand, Ariton network phone except can in "0月 rent, and 0 long-distance and 0 roaming" of based Shang, support computer desktop version and Apple IOS mobile version direct calls 0.10 Yuan/minutes of standard domestic calls tariff, and mobile version back dial calls 0.15 Yuan/minutes of standard domestic calls tariff outside, user in for Ariton network phone calls recharge of process in the, also can statue enjoy large free calls gift and subsidies, 500 points for registered users free domestic phone calls long given the special benefits.