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Video Phone Camera Equipment
Sep 08, 2017

Video Phone Camera equipment

A videophone is a means of communicating a voice and an image (user's bust, photo, item, etc.) in real time using a telephone line. The following Xiaobian to tell you about the principle of video phone.

The videophone is composed of a telephone, an image pickup device, a television receiving display device and a controller. The video telephone is used to communicate with the ordinary telephone, the function of the image pickup device is to transmit the image of the user side to the other party; the television receives the display device whose function is to receive the image signal of the other party and display it on the screen The image of the other party.

Videophone is a simple computer, there is a camera, and a monitor, his work process and the computer as the Internet process, the first camera to capture the digital photo package, and then transmitted to another phone side to receive , Extract, play. Each video phone has a separate public IP address, LAN IP address is not yet achieved, which mainly depends on the phone function of the perfect.

The above is the principle of video phone introduction, we can understand what With the development of microelectronics technology, the extensive use of large-scale, very large scale integrated circuits, and the rapid development of integrated services digital network, video telephony is bound to play an important role in future communications. Whether the confidentiality of the conference call is required.

Enterprises in the establishment of the conference call system often need to be based on their own needs to choose the conference call, telephone conference needs to include what? Common need to be clear about where they need to open a conference call (that is, how many sessions), how many people attend each venue? How is the call conference's call performance? Is there a requirement for confidentiality? Do you need to record meeting minutes? Do I need to support video?

How many sessions are there? Own one by one inventory of different places in the venue how many. This is the case where most companies know how much they need, but how many people attend the meeting every minute of the meeting, and the initial establishment of the conference system is often easy to ignore the problem, often asking them Check one by one. Why you need to understand how many people need to attend each meeting, because it determines how to choose the conference phone problems in order to help you introduce the cost of conference calls.

How is the call conference's call performance? The main focus of the study is the stability of the call, the most stable form of the current call is the form of PSTN telephone line. Then select the PSTN conference telephone equipment, if you need to connect the computer, you can also choose to serve as the PSTN and USB conference phone, so that you can meet a variety of occasions.

Is there a requirement for confidentiality? Mainly to consider whether the importance of corporate meetings, if absolutely confidential need to use their own telephone conference system, the need to set up their own, such as the purchase of equipment, encryption form to form. Do you need to record meeting minutes? It is important to consider whether you need to select a conference call system with a recording or a conference phone with a recording. Do I need to support video? Mainly to choose the Internet teleconference, and only the Internet telephony conference to support the video, but also the need for conference calls, video conferencing cameras and other equipment.