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Video Phone Communication Technology
Sep 01, 2017

Video Phone Communication technology

With the mobile Internet, the arrival of the era of cloud computing, as well as high-definition, ultra-clear video experience escalating, government and enterprise customers on the communication technology put forward higher requirements - "integration, HD, mobile, cloud" and so has become a communication The inevitable trend of technological development, that is, enterprise communications market into the "great integration" era!

From the initial voice, telephone communication to the realization of unified communications, set off the first wave of change of government and enterprise information, through the IP network to change, from the traditional voice to IP voice, and even to the multimedia collaborative communication upgrade, help A large number of government and enterprise customers to reduce communication costs, improve communication efficiency, and improve the office communication experience. With the rapid progress of telecommunications and information technology, the traditional way of information dissemination has many breakthrough innovations, our lives will be quietly changed. At present, the boss and the staff of the desk communication equipment is particularly important, he can make business office more convenient, more good development. Here let Xiaobian offer an IP video phone GXV3275 it

     Trend GXV3275 has the greatest advantages, it uses the Android4.2 operating system, the choice of large 7-inch capacitive multi-point pure touch screen, touch sensitive and convenient, with 1024 * 600 HD resolution, support API, SDK secondary development, support WIFI ,. With the GXV3275, no longer have to buy air tickets, train tickets, no longer have to worry about how to convey information, to a "face to face" tripartite video, six voice conference voicemail and video it, the boss staff to communicate quickly and easily; RJ9 & 3.5mm headphone jack, SD / USB / EHS / HDMI interface; support remote unified batch deployment; support wall; six line Gigabit, built-in Bluetooth function, than the same phone saves the cost of outdoor Bluetooth, is a great savings in economic costs Advantage. Built-in POE, no longer have to worry about power failure at any time, no electricity can continue to lead the communication with the staff. It also has up to six SIP account, you can facilitate the communication and communication of multiple phones.

     Telephone lines, cable TV lines, network lines, many people will be renovated when the new house like a spider-like lines made dizzy. And the trend of cooperation for up to eight years, GXV3275 has been the leader in corporate desktop phone companies in the peer can be described as the leader in this area, but Andrews phone products for the fine.