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Video Phone Video Phone Overview
Jul 05, 2017

Video Phone Video phone overview

Video phone overview video call, also known as video phone, divided into IP lines and take the ordinary telephone line in two ways. Video calls are usually based on the Internet and mobile Internet (3G Internet) side, through the mobile phone real-time transmission of human voice and images (user's bust, photos, items, etc.) a means of communication. If the ordinary phone is "wind ear", then the video call is both "wind ear", but also "clairvoyance" of the. The condition of the video call

 Video calls require two networking (3G, Internet, 3G Internet) terminal equipment (such as smart phones, PC, tablet PC, etc.), through the integration of software or third-party software to achieve real-time two-way video transmission.

The form of a video call

There are four common types of video calls: PC-to-PC, PC-to-Phone, Phone-to-PC and Phone-to-Phone via Internet. PC-to-PC is the first to develop, such as Tencent QQ video chat. Phone-to-Phone via Internet in recent years with the rise of mobile Internet, and gradually become a hot market, such as VSir (clairvoyance), Iphone4 launched facetime, Google talk, Tango and so on. Classification of video calls With the rapid increase in network bandwidth and the development and popularization of hardware devices, the video call market has also entered the fast lane of development. Currently on the market mainstream video call service providers are divided into the following categories:

3G-based video calls (by network type) operators of mobile phone video phone, is the 3G network signal, both sides are the same carrier 3G users and use the G3 phone, can be a normal video call. TD-SCDMA can only communicate with TD-SCDMA video phone, WCDMA can only communicate with WCDMA video phone, China Telecom (CDMA2000) is currently not yet available. TD-SCDMA, WCDMA and CDMA2000 network communication video phone, Own mobile phone video phone business. WI-FI-based video call (by network type) Iphone4 video call, through the built-in facetime video call, but need a wifi network environment, you can have a place in the wireless network, such as Dirks, McDonald's (if your home Or the company has a wireless line). Triple play video call (by network type) VSir clairvoyant video call is a triple play concept of global mobile video communication software. Support 2G, 3G, 4G, WIFI, ADSL and other networks, compatible with different 3G standards (TD-SCDMA, WCDMA and CDMA2000). IOS-based video call (by operating platform) Iphone4 built-in facetime is based on the IOS platform video call, Skype also launched the iPhone mobile phone phone features, only to support the Skype application on the iPhone call phone video phone. Platform using cloud computing model, to achieve high-definition video codec and smooth transmission. Users do not need to download and install any client software or plug-ins, you can achieve multi-party audio, video and data content of real-time communication, the real realization that is ready to use.

Platform video call (by operating platform) VSir clairvoyance and Tango support video calls for each platform. VSir supports most of the smart phones on the market, can run on android \ ios \ Windows Mobile \ Symbian and other operating platforms, Tango video calls currently support iPhone 3Gs (iOS4), iphone4, Android phone each other.